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Will my fragrance tastes change with the seasons?

It’s a super question and one I get asked a lot will answer so will answer based on 25 years’ experience creating bespoke scents for clients and witnessing their preferences at our in-person and virtual live scent experiences.

Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing autumnal weather or some of the leaves on the trees beginning to fall and change colour. You may find your fragrance wardrobe is starting to evolve in a similar way as your fashion wardrobe and the food choices you make.

As the seasons start to change, we automatically make changes to the clothes we wear influenced by our choices of colours, fabric textures, coupled with desired outcomes to help make us feel cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter (depending where you live in the world).

When it comes to fine fragrance, you will find your scent palette automatically adapts to include the perfumes, bath & body products and scented home fragrance products which provide more layers of depth and warmth often featuring deeper base notes.

Base notes are the larger and more viscous molecules in the fragrance pyramid. Base notes give your fragrances longevity and lingering prowess and a much slower evaporation rate than their top note, punchier counterparts.

In the world of aromatherapy, base notes often derive from tree wood resins such as Sandalwood (Santalum album) and Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) and roots or rhizomes as they are known in aromatherapy from spice warming plants such as Ginger (Zingiber officinale). Resins such as vanilla-scented Benzoin (Styrax tonkensis), and Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) and earthier smokey scents from grasses such as Vetiver (Vetivert Zizanodes)and Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) are prime for the autumn season.

We’re already seeing first hand how your fragrance choices have been changing with the seasons at our popular in-person perfume making masterclasses in Glasgow & Edinburgh since they resumed in May 2021. The Amber base note with it’s deep, resinous woody and warm spice notes has been absent in customer’s bespoke perfume recipes until now. It’s a definitely sign that fragrance tastes can and do change with the seasons.

The beauty of the design your own perfume masterclasses is they take all year round and as we’ve been running the advertised workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh since 2004 many customers return over the years to design a second or third perfume.  You can be created as you like and make tweaks or create something completely new. The choice is yours.

What’s lovely is to share the experience with your loved ones and create memories together through the power of experience and smell.

We’ll soon be releasing our 2022 advertised perfume making workshops where individuals can redeem gift vouchers and our 2022 diary is already being booked up for private scent events such as the popular bridal showers, hen parties, brides creating their wedding day perfume, team building events, client entertaining and special birthday celebrations.

Christmas Gift Vouchers to design your own perfume or festive home fragrance are valid for a year from issue and can be extended if there happens to be future COVID-19 restrictions.

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