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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and there’s no better way to evoke future feelings of nostalgia than to embed them into your memory bank through the power of scent.  Your wonderful photographic and musical memories will take you back to your wedding day in an instant.  With scent, feelings run deeper with emotional memories triggered like no other sense taking you back to the precious moment in time.

Scent and memory are truly interlinked – it’s all down to brain chemistry.  Those feelings of love and emotion can be brought back in an instant through the power of smell.  Ask your aunt or mum about their mum’s favourite perfumes or remember the smell when you walked off the airplane on your last overseas holiday.

One of the most disappointing stories a bride can share is that within years of finding the one (wedding perfume that is!), she discovers it’s been withdrawn from the market and all she’s got are the remaining drops inside her bottle.  Gone forever.

There are literally hundreds of perfumes launched every month (certainly, life before COVID-19) so choosing one guaranteed to be around in the years to come, can be quite tricky.  Even the most well-known brands withdraw scents unless they are popular with the masses and designer brands often release limited editions for short periods of time.  Bespoke perfume houses normally offer perfume purchases there and then with many offering no opportunity to replicate the formula in the future.

We don’t have a crystal ball, though hand-on-heart, can state the perfume notes we work with have been around for over 17 years meaning brides (and their grooms) have been able to order refills of their wedding day perfumes for future wedding anniversaries, birthday and Christmas.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of brides-to-be design and create their very own couture wedding day perfume.  Selecting from a range of 21 eau de parfum notes, created by teams of master perfumers, no two fragrances are alike.   A mathematician once told us there are billions of different combinations with the notes.  You wouldn’t want to wear the same wedding dress as someone else so why wear the same perfume?

You may ask, bespoke perfume, surely it would be difficult or really expensive?  Actually, you’ll be surprised to discover it’s a well-versed experience which you’ll enjoy as you get a chance enter the world of fine fragrance and be expertly guided as you sample the perfume accords.  Packages start from an affordable £49 at our advertised masterclasses in Glasgow & Edinburgh.  Events can be tailored to suit any number of guests from a minimum of ten participants or for smaller groups for the minimum fee.  Refills start from as little as £24.

Our perfume making masterclasses are delivered in an outstanding, high-quality tried and tested format where you’ll learn all about fine fragrance as you sample each of the 21 eau de parfum notes.  Guaranteed these will evoke memories and nostalgia as you are expertly guided whilst selecting your favourites before refining and blending takes place.  It’s totally immersive and experiential with experts assisting you through the creative process guiding you and supporting you to reach the moment of exquisite delight knowing you’ve got the perfect recipe which captures the essence of you.

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