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Dare I mention the C word? It’s such an emotive subject and everyone has their own opinion so I’ll stop right here.

We’re currently living in a time of constant flux and change and it can be difficult to keep up with all the rules about what we can and cannot do within our local communities. It gets especially confusing when our family, friends and colleagues live and work in another town or city or country overseas.

No-one knows what lies ahead and I yearn for the days to be free like before, albeit at a much slower pace, with less rushing here and there to meet deadlines. Even so, I do welcome a time to embrace personal freedom of choice to travel and visit family and friends when it suited me instead of being subjected to variable rules and regulations.

One area where we can take control in our life is our own wellbeing. Yes, there will always be external influences and stressors which are beyond our control. However, if we look after ourselves and take steps to reduce our stress, anxiety levels and get a great night’s sleep, we’ll be more resilient to the external influences life throws our way.

Long term stress can lead to poor sleep, low mood and over time can lead to many chronic health conditions including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Many companies, aware of their health and safety obligations in relation to stress in the workplace, often plan in-house events and activities to recognise World Mental Health Day which takes place on 10th October. This year will be no different, although, delivery is likely to be more online than in-person.

At a time when we’re being challenged on many fronts, let’s boost our moods and wellbeing with an affordable online solution. As well as helping to mark World Mental Health Day, this made to order wellbeing product can be used in the coming days, weeks and months to help give you a better night’s sleep, wake up feeling rested or refreshed and all the benefits which come with feeling better on the inside.

Our affordable bespoke mood boosting aromatherapy wellbeing rollerballs (£22) put you in control – during the online order process you’ll select the natural smells you like together with the mood you’d like to create for your own personal use.

Choose your mood from Balancing, Calming, Focussing, Happy, Invigorating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Sleeping, Soothing, and Uplifting. Choose your preferred natural smells from a selection of high-quality essential oils derived from plants, flowers and trees.

You’ll complete a brief confidential online wellbeing questionnaire (GDPR compliant) and we’ll formulate your natural wellbeing rollerball with the scents and mood you’d like to create. We’ll deliver your bespoke natural wellbeing rollerball by Royal Mail with full instructions for use and a video link demonstrating how to get the most out of using it. We’ll get in touch if we have specific questions regarding your wellbeing.

Click to order your bespoke natural wellbeing rollerball (£22 including postage and packing) or Click to order a Gift Voucher for a friend, family member or colleague to receive as a gift.

Our unisex Botanical Mood Bar packages are available for corporate client online (UK wide) and in-person (Central Scotland, once COVID-19 guidelines permit) wellbeing events. When you need more information, give us a call.  0131 334 1311

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