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Whilst we can’t get to the spa for all our regular body treatments you deserve a nurturing mood boosting spa at home experience.

Create your own sanctuary and beauty ritual surrounded by your favourite skincare products and scents you love from the comfort of your own home.

Get the scene set.  Set a time when you’ll have privacy without any interruptions from the rest of the family.  Set aside me time as you are totally worth it.  It’s time to nurture you, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Preparation is key.  Make sure there’s enough warm water before running the bath, have your favourite scented candles or melts with matches handy.  Get your favourite relaxing and soft playing music playing in the background from a nearby room.  Have your large fluffy towels warming up nicely over the heated towel rail with your bathrobe and slippers nearby so they’re ready to slip on when the time is right.

Select your beauty treatment menu for this evening.  Exfoliation – face, elbows, feet?  Face mask or relaxing and reading a book with a glass of wine at your side?  Get it all ready so it’s within hands reach.   When manicure or pedicure are on the menu, you’ll find your cuticle skin will be so much easier to massage away once they’ve been softened in the warm water.

Whether your hair is dry, oily, colour-treated or limp it deserves extra care during the summer months.  Have your favourite hair mask, intense conditioner, coconut oil or your moisturising hair oil handy to treat the ends as well as your scalp either before you go into or while you’re relaxing in your lovely warm bath.

While the water fills your bath, make sure you have a sponge, cloth or body scrub to hand as well as your favourite scented bubble bath, bath salts or bath oils for a skin nourishing treat.  For extra special indulgence throw in a handful or rose petals or plant botanicals and soak like a queen  just like Cleopatra did back in the day!

Have face and body butters, oils or moisturisers nearby to envelope and nourish your skin after you’ve patted yourself dry with the warm fluffy towels.  Tissues, nail varnish and remover if painting the nails after treating your hands and feet.

Enjoy this special time to yourself.  You so deserve it.

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