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I’m just back from annual leave and feeling all inspired and creative. You may feel the same when you come back from a holiday, short break or have benefitted from a completely different change of scene.

With nature inspiring so many fragrances which surround us in our lives, whether it be personal care or household products in our own homes, it’s truly wonderful to discover the scents that take us to a time and place like no other sense can do. The best bit of all is it happens without us having to think about it.

It’s all to do with science and how we experience smell. We inhale fragrance into our nasal passages as molecules rise upwards in the air, but the part of the brain where we process and create memories with smell is the limbic system, located in the left side of the brain. The limbic system is also responsible for processing emotions and memories and every time we experience a smell it can be logged deep in our memory banks without us ever noticing.

At our design your own fragrance masterclasses many attendees share that “that smell reminds me of …”; and it’s often a memory of the past, of a person or a time and place where pleasant events were experienced.

It’s truly wonderful listening to those memories being shared. It’s truly special and a privilege to hear stories of memories triggered of happy times shared with loved ones both present in the here and now or in the past.

A memory shared which has always stood out for me was a customer saying the ozonic note reminded her . Stored inside her memory banks for 20+ years,  it was triggered in a brief moment when she sampled one of the 23 eau de parfum notes at one of our advertised masterclasses in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

There have been so many memories triggered over the past 18 years as customers have designed and created their own perfumes, including memories made especially by brides when creating their bespoke signature wedding perfume at our celebration scent events, or mothers and daughters sharing a lovely day out together, enjoying the scent each other has made and creating new memories for the future.

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