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During different stages of life our sleep can be affected e.g. stress, grief, childbirth, moving home, starting a new job, getting married or divorced, worries about finances, menopause, feeling anxious or down and I’m sure you’ll have many more to add to this list.

When we become physically ill such as having a cold or flu, our body wants to rest and you will find you’ll naturally crave spending more time resting in bed than normal and be forced to sleep.

When it comes to a stressed and busy mind the opposite can often be true.  During a pandemic, subconsciously our stress levels can rise, especially when our hopes are raised and dashed about getting back to a normal way of life which includes socialising and seeing our loved ones.

When we experience lots of mental stress or fatigue, we do not always listen to our mind in the same way we do our physical body.  With this in mind, (sorry), we often struggle on until we are forced to completely stop by either a physical ailment manifesting itself as an illness or a mental break-down.  We often do not realise when we need to reach out for help.

Click below and I’ll send you a copy of my practical guide to help you sleep better.

As well as a professional clinical aromatherapist of 23 years, I’m also a mental health first aider.  In this guide I’ll share my tips to help you get a great night’s sleep.