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Getting a great night’s sleep is so essential for our physical and mental wellbeing.

  • It affects our performance
  • Sleep deprivation can make us feel stressed
  • Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to ill health
  • Lack of sleep affects our ability to concentrate and how we communicate with others.
  • Lack of sleep leads to low mood
  • Lack of sleep can have adverse effects on our physical health as well as our mental health.

I’ve created this practical guide especially for you and share my practical and simple to action techniques to help you sleep better and enhance your wellbeing.

If you can, please print off the guide and read from the paper instead of your screen to cut down your exposure to blue-light especially in the evening.

If you prefer a hard copy posted to your address in the United Kingdom click here and we’ll send this by first class post.

Making changes can be challenging so please take one step at a time and record your positive changes.

Hopefully you’ll see some reminders of what you already know and I’ll help you fill in any knowledge gaps as well as new gems.

Your Practical Guide to Help you Sleep Better is winging it’s way to your inbox.

I’ll be in touch in a few days to see how you are getting on.

Sleepy wishes,  Alison