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Mon - Thur: 11am-9pm Sat: Scheduled workshops

My clients are scent connoisseurs as they celebrate and embrace their individuality, feel empowered and ooze confidence with their bespoke custom made to order formulations.

I work with the highest quality ingredients sourced from specialist suppliers in the UK and Europe helping clients like you feel incredible and boost their mood, wellness and sleep with the natural scents they love.

With a degree in aromatherapy, perfumery trained and over 27 years experience with bespoke aromatics, I consider myself and my team specialists in bespoke scents.  I’m passionate about wellness and scent and have created thousands of bespoke aromatherapy blends professionally during the past 23 years for clients like you.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients boost their moods, enhance their wellness and quality of sleep with bespoke natural skincare formulations and bespoke perfumery.  Although two clients may seek help to get a super nights sleep, their individual scent profile will be personal to them and it’s my role to help them discover this during our Zoom consultations from my apothecary.  The ingredients for their bespoke skincare formulations will be personalised to suit their individual scent profile, lifestyle and wellness goals.  With Natural Scent Palette Technology™ I help clients achieve their desired outcomes. 

Stress, anxiety, poor sleep and waking up with a racing mind in the wee small hours were the catalysts for starting my business.  I was amazed at how a single drop of an essential oil in a bespoke aromatherapy blend could be so powerful to positively improve the quality and duration of my sleep, relaxation and mental wellbeing.

Often clients will have periods of imbalance in their lives leading to stress, anxiety, low mood, or they need help to relax or wish to uplift their mood.  It’s my passion to support them and formulate tailor made products to suit their individual lifestyle to enhance their their wellbeing with the scents they love.

My ethos is, and always will be, to help clients feel better in themselves incorporating the sciences of aromatherapy and aromachology combined with our Natural Scent Palette Technology™ .  I’m as passionate today as I was when I had my first aromatherapy treatment 27 years ago.  I’m a total advocate of safe and appropriate use of natural botanicals and adhere to strict professional guidelines.

I’m a professional member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and the Scottish Government Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) membership scheme.  I’m also a Mental Health First Aider.

I’ve worked in private practice, health & social care, mental health, NHS settings where clients were referred by GPs and other health professionals for support with anxiety, depression, stress and mental wellbeing.

I’ve delivered events and workshops for staff wellbeing programmes, corporate client entertaining and team building, business groups, third sector organisations and guest speaker at charity lunches.


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