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Botanical Mood & Sleep Bar for Staff Wellbeing
available online and in-person

Supporting your staff wellbeing programmes all year round, we offer this service in-person at your corporate premises, conference or away days in Central Scotland and on-line for companies throughout the United Kingdom.

We provide a natural wellbeing solution supporting your stress reduction programmes and wellbeing awareness days to enhance staff wellness.   We invite your employees to choose the mood they wish to experience and combine this with the natural scents they love.  We then formulate a bespoke personalised natural scented rollerball which they can use in the office or at home as and when required.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  It is personalised for each individual by a team of highly skilled professional aromatherapists who have a combined experience of 50 years or more.

For employees receiving medical care a more in-depth face to face consultation will be required with one of our professional aromatherapists.  This may incur an additional fee.

We adhere to COVID guidelines and a risk assessment would take place prior to events at your corporate premises or alternative venues.

Our in person and online consultations are confidential taking into consideration individuals’ health and wellbeing needs, medical history, empowering your employee to decide on the mood they wish to create.  Examples are:-

  • Invigorating
  • Refreshing
  • Focussing
  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Relaxing
  • Sleeping
  • Choose your mood

Personal rollerballs are shipped to employees home addresses throughout the United Kingdom by Royal Mail.

We would be delighted to assist your employee wellbeing programme during this time and our diary is open for future events.

Please contact us on 0131 334 1311.

As well as staff wellbeing we offer our in-person experiences as a main feature at your corporate entertainment event.  It also works well with activities such as gin tasting and cocktail making.  It is especially suitable for events where guests are mingling or arriving at the ‘bar’ in small groups.

The can ‘drop by’ or ‘call by’ the botanical mood bar, with its selection of natural scents, to design and create their own natural botanical scent based on their desired mood.   Each guest can sample 12 of the highest quality professional essential oils.

A bit like a wine or whisky tasting, we start with a brief discussion with your guests about their favourite scents or botanical drinks and desired mood outcomes.  With the spin of the interactive mood wheel, staff and clients can have a bit of fun selecting their preferred mood.

Your staff or clients will receive a bespoke 10ml natural botanical scent rollerball to take away, complete with instructions of use and a list of the ingredients.  Details of each individual’s recipe is retained on file as a record of their attendance and refills are available at any time (including access to our Aritsan Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery body and skincare products).

The Botanical Mood & Sleep Bar is suitable for entertaining clients, staff rewards and incentives in Glasgow, Edinburgh and major cities throughout Scotland.

Contact Alison at Complement Your Health regarding pricing and availability  or 0131 334 1311.