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What is it good for?

All aspects of our wellbeing and particularly effective for low mood, stress and chronic stress-related conditions, problems with sleep and convalescence.

What is Artisan Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery?

Artisan aromatherapy & natural perfumery combines knowledge and expertise of a highly skilled and experienced professional aromatherapist and natural perfumer to create bespoke luxury natural skincare products for clients with my Natural Scent Palette Technology™.

The apothecary hosts natural ingredients manufactured in the leaves of aromatic plants during the process of photosynthesis and then stored in a variety of places, such as in the flowers, leaves, fruit, seeds, etc, depending on the plant.  The oils are complex natural compounds which assist in the dispersion of seeds and pollen by insects and their role is to protect plants from viruses, pests and bacteria.  They are extracted by a variety of methods, including distillation, expression and cold-pressing.  Aromatic ingredients are selected for their scent and chemistry balance resulting in individual therapeutic properties and pharmacological actions.

The apothecary hosts 50+ natural botanical ingredients specially sourced from a selection of specialist and artisan suppliers.

How does it work?

We believe that the effects of the natural essences can be multiple and impact our mood and wellbeing:-

  • Physically, by their pharmacological effects on the systems of the body once absorbed.
  • Emotionally, by their effect on the brain via their interaction with the olfactory system.
  • Energetically (or spiritually) via their vibrational interaction with the energy flows within the body.


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